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Это издание размещено в категории Maths. Надеемся, что вы найдёте минутку, чтобы рассказать о Math For Real Life For Dummies! The easy way to brush up on the math skills you need in real life Not everyone retains the math they learned in school. Like any skill, your ability to speak “math” can deteriorate if left unused.

From adding and subtracting money in a bank account to figuring out the number of shingles to put on a roof, math in all of its forms factors into daily life. Math For Real Life For Dummies provides you with the simple formulas and theorems that you’re likely to encounter in the workplace, the kitchen, and even when playing games. You can turn to Math For Real Life For Dummies to brush up on your math skills or to handle everyday encounters, like calculating restaurant tips, understanding interest rates, and figuring out percentages and odds.


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