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Book prepared by one of our readers. Why does software have defects? You can also put manual testing tools material pdf free download your queries in comments below.

Tejaswini Thanks for sharing, it’s really helpful. Ramesh Thank you very much for sharing this Ebook. I red it after downloading. Prabhakaran Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us in simple manner.

Mahesh Dhule Thanks for these updates , really less then 2 years exp guys need this type of Document to future their carrier in testing Domain . Thank you for sharing this book this book is very useful to growth my testing knowledge. This document is requesting to enter a document open password. Vijay Thanks all for your kind words.

This encourages me to do more good for this community. There is no password for the file. Still if you are facing the problem I have emailed you the PDF file.

Alok This is a great piece of work. Just a small spelling mistake in :Absence of Errors is a fallocy: Finding and fixing defects. Partap Gusain A big thanx Vijay.

And I expect lot more ebooks from you. Thanks for sharing the document.

It helps me a lot. Telecom green field project implementation.

Practical and real world Testing Processes follwed in IT industry. Chindam Damodar on his great work. Thao Vo Thank for sharing the ebook. It’s useful for manual testing.

Prasad Telu Done good job. Pavan Thanks for sharing the doc.


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