List of input and output devices of computer pdf


Difference between Input and Output Devices2. Complete list of Input Devices4. A Computer System is more than list of input and output devices of computer pdf a Computer.

When these components are attached to the Central Processing Unit than a user can perform task, from playing movies, listening to songs, playing games, preparing your assignments in MS word, or browsing the internet. We call these components as Input and Output Devices.

Here is the basic idea of input and output devices and how they are different from one another. Input and output devices performs two types of operations in a computer system. Input is any data that we send to a computer for processing. That can be an image from a Digital Camera, or some letters types via keyboard in a word document.

Output is the result of the data we can see through some output device like a picture displayed by the Monitor, a word documented printed by a printer etc. An input device feeds data to the computer system for processing.

Here is a list of input devices of a Computer System. We are going to discuss the most commonly used input devices in this article.

Keyboard is the most common input device of a Computer System. The keyboard resembles a typewriter. Modern Keyboards have more than just the letter and numeric keys.

Every single key on a keyboard is assigned a binary numbers to it which transmits that binary pattern to the computer. Now, have you ever wondered why the keys on a keyboard are not in alphabetic order? The keys are laid out in the QWERTY order so that those key that are often struck in succession were not next to each other. Therefore, the QWERTY layout is intended for slow typists.


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