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Please forward this error screen to sharedip-10718044127. I’ve been looking forward to the arrival of electric car technology. Not just for the smooth quiet power, wide torque range, cheap running costs and minimal maintenance, but to design and build cars to take advantage of the simplicity and flexible packaging offered by fuelless engine plans pdf technology. Some new knowledge and skills of battery and electric drive systems are required, but once you have an understanding of this, putting it all together is much simpler and quicker than using a petrol or diesel drivetrain.

The motors and controllers come ready to bolt on and plug together and all the sensors required are usually built into the motor. Cooling systems, fuel storage and pump, gearbox, differential, exhaust system and complex wiring harness are not required.

There are a few more components required to deal with high voltage electrical power, but other than this, it is really not much more complex than building a radio controlled electric car. With less complex mechanical systems to worry about, building your own car has become more achievable and more fun.

Electric car components have been available for a while now. A friend converted his first electric car 10 years ago then changed it to lithium batteries 6 years ago.

The technology is now becoming more readily available, costs are coming down and performance is increasing and this trend is set to continue. Because you can and it is great fun to build a very light, simple car reasonably inexpensively.

It is a heap of fun to drive and has excellent performance because of the light weight. Buggies, gokarts, grass roots racers and kit cars such as Lotus 7 clubman style car that is still going strong since the 60’s have spurned their own industries. Electric cars bring new opportunities for a fresh look at homegrown performance. It demonstrates a simple and compact system with a low centre of gravity that is strong, stiff and straightforward to build.

The Instructable does not go into the design and fabrication of bodywork, I will leave this to others and your imagination. It is pretty easy to see that this rolling chassis is very flexible in the bodywork it could accommodate, but keeping the body light will maximise performance and range. When designing a new car platform from scratch, there are a lot of choices. A lot of thought and design effort has gone into keeping the design as simple, light weight and very easy to build – simpler than a Locost or clubman style car.

I will get straight to the point here and outline some of the key design features and why. Drive – Rear wheel drive, one electric motor powers each rear wheel. Eliminates the need for a differential and CV joints. Have good torque over wide speed range.

Simple and robust with a motor controller for each motor. Batteries – Large lithium cells.


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