14 cfr part 91 pdf


Drone operation, and kite flying. The rules are designed to promote safe aviation, protecting pilots, flight 14 cfr part 91 pdf, passengers and the general public from unnecessary risk.

Since 1958, these rules have typically been referred to as “FARs”, short for Federal Aviation Regulations. Federal Acquisitions Regulations”, and this has led to confusion with the use of the acronym “FAR”.

Therefore, the FAA began to refer to specific regulations by the term “14 CFR part XX”. The FARs are organized into sections, called parts due to their organization within the CFR. Each part deals with a specific type of activity. For example, 14 CFR Part 141 contains rules for pilot training schools.

Many of the FARs are designed to regulate certification of pilots, schools, or aircraft rather than the operation of airplanes. Once an airplane design is certified using some parts of these regulations, it is certified regardless of whether the regulations change in the future. For that reason, newer planes are certified using newer versions of the FARs, and in many aspects may be thus considered safer designs. Operations: Foreign Air Carriers and Foreign Operators of U.


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